Agricultural and biogas

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  1. BioCleaner


    BioCleaner’s breakthrough technology is able to treat all kinds of organic waste including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors. It can be effectively used in natural waterways such as rivers, lakes and bays.
  2. Decanter – Centrifuge

    Decanter – Centrifuge

    DECANTER centrifuges are horizontal separators designed for the separation of solids/liquids with different density, at two or three phases. The high performance centrifuges are able to work with a centrifugal acceleration up to 3.500 G.Force (terrestrial gravitas force).
  3. High speed mixers

    High speed mixers

    Water treatment, Industrial and zootechnical applications.
  4. Low speed mixers

    Low speed mixers

    APPLICATIONS: Water treatment, Industrial and biogas applications.
  5. Metering and dosing pumps
  6. Screw Conveyors

    Screw Conveyors

    •Solids Conveying, Recovery & Processing •Industrial & Commercial Solids Handling •Water and Waste Water Treatment Works
  7. Screw pumps

    Screw pumps

    With Screw pumps it is possible pump all what you want! Applications: Sewage treatment; Food and diary; Oil gas and petrochemicals; Cosmetical and pharmaceutics;
  8. Separator


    This equipment is fit for the solid-liquid separation of zootechnical sewage and heavy tasks in abattoirs, distilleries, paper industry, and food industry.
  9. Submersible pumps

    Submersible pumps

    Zenit manufacture a wide range of heavy duty electro submersible pumps, for drainage and sewage applications.

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