Sludge treatment

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  1. Belt filter press

    Belt filter press

    Dehydration of municipal and industrial sludge
  2. Decanter – Centrifuge

    Decanter – Centrifuge

    DECANTER centrifuges are horizontal separators designed for the separation of solids/liquids with different density, at two or three phases. The high performance centrifuges are able to work with a centrifugal acceleration up to 3.500 G.Force (terrestrial gravitas force).
  3. Drum composting

    Drum composting

    With drum composting treating diff erent types of organic waste in a continuous, highly automated process without supervision. During the short processing period (only 7–14 days) of this purely natural process, the amount of organic waste mixture is decreased by 30–50%. There is no need for chemicals, additives or additional energy, and both the process and end product fulfi l, for instance, all official EU requirements regarding emissions and hygiene.
  4. Drum Sludge Thickening

    Drum Sludge Thickening

    Thickening of municipal and industrial sludge.
  5. Mobile sludge treatment equipment

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