DEFENDER Vertical Bars Screen


DEFENDER Vertical Bars Screen



Quick Overview

Vertical Bars Screen
•Pre-treatment of Domestic & Municipal Waste Waters
•Recovery & Solids Processing from Industrial Discharges

•Screen is composed from bars causing the obstruction for the solids present into the effluent

. •Cleaning of the screen will be made by means N°2 rakes with teeth moved by two chains.

 •Translation speed of the teeth : 5÷6 m/min. •Inclination of the screen compared to the vertical: 15°.

 •Spacing from 12 up to 60 mm.

 •Frame will be made with metal plates thickness 3-4 mm. 

•Translation chains type rollers chains will be manufactured in stainless steel Aisi 304 - Aisi 316.

More information about DEFENDER please find in the Brochure.