Belt filter press

Belt filter press



Quick Overview

Dehydration of municipal and industrial sludge

Belt filter presses PN-S line are enable to dehydrate organic and inorganic sludges. Dehydration on three parts: dripping area, low pressing area, high pressing area. Hydraulic or pneumatic belts tensioning and centering. Hot dip galvanized or stainless steel construction. They have a lower power consumption as well as a lower polyelectrolyte consumption. Moreover they are able to assure good dehydration performances and easy maintenance. 

The PN-line belt filter presses are manufactured with strong frame and rollers. They can be used for many types of sludge. Dewatering is on three levels: the first level consists in a long tilting dripping surface; in the second level (wedge area) the sludge undergoes a first light pressure; the third level contains rollers with decreasing diameter, which gradually increases the pressure on sludge.

More information about Belt filter presses PN-S line please find in the Brochure.