Decanter – Centrifūga

Decanter – Centrifūga



Īss apraksts

DECANTER centrifuges are horizontal separators designed for the separation of solids/liquids with different density, at two or three phases.
The high performance centrifuges are able to work with a centrifugal acceleration up to 3.500 G.Force (terrestrial gravitas force).

Municipal wastewater. Thikening of industrial sludge and wastewater. Alcohol industry. Wine yeast and grape must. Drinking water treatment. Starches. Vegetable and fruit juices. Potato protein. Sugar industry. Slaughterhouse waste. Refinery sludge. Wool scouring wastewater. Tannery wastewater. Chemical products. Semi-finished pharmaceutical products. Separation of solids from various liquids, or even simultanuous separation of a solid and 2 liquids with different specific gravity.


  • Casing in high quality carbon steel;
  • Easy access to the drum with cover subdivided in three parts;
  • Bowl and screw are completely in stainless steel. Special wear-proof protection on peripheral screw area. Optional, tungsten carbide plates;
  • Decanter is mounted on vibration dampers;
  • Solid discharge in stainless steel with an important thickness and interchan geable;
  • Liquid discharge in stainless steel with an important thickness and interchangeable;
  • Ceramic protection bushes on solid discharge holes. Easy to replace;


We can also offer used, fully refurbished decanters with warranty


More information about DECANTER please find in the Brochure.