Mērīšanas un dozēšanas sūkņi

Mērīšanas un dozēšanas sūkņi



Īss apraksts

Metering and dosing pumps

- Very easy to use: programming way like “mobile phone”
- Proportional to a digital signal (water-meter pulse-sender):
• ppm mode – selecting the “ppm” quantity the pump automatically adjust the frequency dosing;
•- Proportional to an external signal 4-20 or 20-4 mA, selecting the mA range and the
correspondent value of frequency dosing.
- Constant flow rate mode
- Automatic regulation of frequency dosing (the pump automatically follows the flow variation)
- Automatic managing of excessive external pulses (If the pump receive pulses during the dosing the microprocessor automatically adjust the working frequency without lost any signal)
- Level probe input
- Plastic box IP65 protection degree

  • Flow rate: 1 - 50 l/h;
  • Pressure 1 - 15 bar;