Ātrgaitas mikseri

Ātrgaitas mikseri



Īss apraksts

Water treatment, Industrial and zootechnical applications.

These submersible mixers are recommended for mixing and homogenizing process in sewage treatment plants. The accurate design, the combination of various employed materials and the use of propellers with self-cleaning profile are guarantee of duration and efficiency, even in the most extreme utilization conditions. 

Mixers, could be fully manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel, are recommended for mixing and homogenizing processes in sewage treatment plants and applications in very corrosive liquids.

- Capacity: 318 to 6702 m³/h
- Axial force: 153 to 3725 N
- Motor rating: 0,75 kW to 18,5 kW


Asynchronous threephase electric motors with

N.3 thermic probes installed in the stator winding.

In case the temperature exceeds 132°C to cut out power.

Protection" IP 68".

Max submergence depth: 20 m.

Max solid content in the liquid: 12%.

Submersible H07-RN-F neoprene cable.

"F" class insulation.

Fluid pH 5 - 12.


More information about submersible mixers please find in the Brochure.