Skrūvju sūkņi

Skrūvju sūkņi



Īss apraksts

With Screw pumps it is possible pump all what you want!

Sewage treatment;
Food and diary;
Oil gas and petrochemicals;
Cosmetical and pharmaceutics;

Suitable for heavy duties services, the most important application of this kind of pump is the waste water treatment and in industry.

They are employed for the tranfer of:
• Raw, primary, secondary sludges
• Thickened sludges
• Sludges before the filter press
The other industrial applications are:
• Paper industry as starch, glue
• Chemical industry as caustic soda, resins, colorants, acid solutions.
• Sugar refinery with their products basis of beet, cane sugar
• Breeding as animal feed, pasty slurry,biological waste water
• Building as colourings, cement, mortar, bentonite
• Ship building industry as waste oil, oily bilge water
• Ceramic industry as clayey sludges, lime, glaze
• Fish industry as fish flours, entrails and other cutted fish parts
• Mining industry
• Petrochemistry
• Drilling
• Agriculture
• Refinery
• and many others

More over we can produce pumps with ATEX proof which is required for applications in explosion areas. The range is characterized by a big choise of models covering a field of capacity up to 420 m3/h and pressures up to 48 bar in order to satisfy different client needs.

More information about screw pumps models please find in the Brochure.