Īss apraksts

This equipment is fit for the solid-liquid separation of zootechnical sewage and heavy tasks in abattoirs, distilleries, paper industry, and food industry.

Why separating?
Separation provides significant benefits for both the solid and liquid material resulting from separation.

Solid fraction:
- is stackable, dry, and easily storable until next use;
- is a valuable, odourless land fertiliser;
- facilitates transportation and marketing; 

Liquid fraction:
- has 20-30% less volume than initial products;
- can be stocked without surface crusts and sediments;
- in case of zootechnical waste separation, the resulting liquid shows less nitrogen and phosphor content. It quickly penetrates land and can be distributed through traditional irrigation and fertilization methods.


Separator body: cast iron;• Gearmotor support: cast iron;• Screen: stainless steel;• Archimedean screw: treated stainless steel;• Gearmotor: 4 kW - 33 r.p.m. (SM 260);• Gearmotor: 5,5 kW - 33 r.p.m. (SM 300);• Support base: in hot dipped galvanized steel.

Short video about separator please find in section "Video"